About Insights Publisher

Insights Publisher publishes journals and books in electronic and printable formats in different languages in all areas of Science including Aeronautics, Agriculture, Anthropology, Architectural, Astronomy, Atmospheric and Earth, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Communications, Computation, Dentistry, Economy, Education, Energy, Engineering, Environment and Resources, Forestry, Geology, History, Indu

Brief Information for Authors, Reviewers, and Editors

Insights Publisher develops an easy-to-understand online manuscript processing system - Manuscript Manager, through which our authors, reviewers, and editors can deal with their tasks by log into the system.

For authors, we recommend you to register before submission, as thus the system will automatically record each submitted item, which can be retrieved or tracked afterward. Of note, if the author(s) did not register before submission, the system will record your information as an anonymous user with your IP address, which would make it hard for you to track the manuscript status. So, please register and login, and then submit your work to us.

For reviewers, the system needs you login before you submit your peer review comments to the Editorial Office. The login information will be available with the email of request.

For editors, the system needs you login before you process your tasks. Our Editorial Office will send you detailed information of login and task implementation.

Through the Manuscript Manager, the authors also can sign and date the Copyright Transfer Agreement and declear their Conflict of Interests (COI). Of course, our readers can fill out their Permission Application if they want to reprint or redistribute some contents published by Insights Publisher.

Hope our Manuscript Manager can save your time and give you some special experience.

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